See what our people are saying about their experiences with us.

I am happy to be involved into this project because it involve community, tourism and a traditional dance as product. It is very good to use our traditional dance and music not only as a part of our culture but also to use it to gain income and pass it to our generation, this project embrace all these aspects.
— Gloria Ewald - Administration Assistant
This place is an attractive Culture Centre located at Arusha region in is very nice place. I invite you all to visit this amazing centre!
— Shukuru Saidi
You can enjoy the traditional music and dance performance every tuesday and thursday at 4pm, and I totally recommend it! The drumming is mesmerizing and the dancing just so energetic and gives a peak to the Tanzanian culture. You even get to try it a little bit yourself :) The performers are professionals. After the performance, we got a little tour by the Cultural Arts Center programme manager Randall Stubbs, and he told us about the project. I’m sure that when the centre opens, it is going to be a success, but you should visit there already. You will get a wonderful performance of traditional Tanzanian music and dance and an interesting view to the ongoing project!
— Elina H.
Together everyone achieves more!
— Randall Stubbs, Programme Manager
“I am thrilled and overwhelmed with your dynamic creativity- thank you for giving us this exposure and witnessing the culture of our beautiful country – Tanzania. Keep up the amazing work! You said it all – ‘Disability is not an inability”.
— Swaleha Mohamedali - Jaffery Academy, Arusha
Our church mission team recently started our days in Tanzania with a presentation at the Cultural Arts Centre, associated with Tumaini University and Randall Stubbs near Arusha. It was a GREAT way to get an intro to Tanzanian culture and music. The performers were all excellent and represented many tribes around Tanzania. They were a joy to watch and Randy gave us a great overview of the project and how it’s going. The performers not only provide regular performances on their stage, but they also go out to schools to teach, work to preserve Tanzanian music of all sorts, and they attend regional festivals, not only to perform, but also to learn music and dances to add to their repetoire and preservation activities. Please consider going to this if you’re in the area and supporting these great endeavor!
— S. L. Leeper - Washington D. C.
I hope that this project will be supported also in the future and hopefully could this group be invited to perform abroad. Why not in Sweden?
— Anders Göranzon, Sweden
The CAC offers dancing performances of traditional dances from tribes of northern Tanzania, e.g. Maasai, Chagga and Meru. These performances are excellent. The dancers and drummers are very outgoing and include the audience in their shows. Every show is unique. Moreover the CAC offers drumbuilding workshops where you can build a drum out of a tin shell and cow skin. We enjoyed it a lot to take part in this workshop where we got new abilities. Our instructors explained every step very well. The finished drum sounds very nice and looks awesome. If you like to have this experience you should be aware that the drum has to dry for several days before you can take it home. You can also choose the workshop “traditional cooking”. There you learn how Tanzanians prepare their food and in the end you have a delicious meal. We enjoyed this afternoon a lot.
— Philipp Z.