The CAC facilities were finished in November 2017 and are all available for rental. All facilities except two classrooms are fully wheelchair accessible. Please enquire to know availability.

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Performance Hall

Our performance hall has 435 fixed seats and an outside viewing space. The stage is 13x7.5m, with a hardwood floor. Backstage has three dressing rooms (male, female, star) with shower and toilet facilities, as well as green room space, and lockers. We also have a grand piano which can be used on the stage or in a separate room. 

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Conference Hall

The conference hall has space for 75 participants and is furnished with moveable chairs and desks. There is a storage room, and a fully stocked kitchen for catering. A projector can be hired for presentations. 

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Dance Studio

The dance studio (12x7.5m) features a sprung dance floor, and 2 walls of mirrors. There are also two changing rooms with shelf space, and access to the shower and toilet facilities in other buildings.

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Classrooms, Small Conference Room and other Office Space

We have two classrooms with desks and chairs, a small conference room for 10 persons and other office space available. The classrooms have whiteboards.

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Sound, Stage and Musical Equipment

We have an extensive range of professional quality instruments and technical sound equipment. For a full list of equipment please click for backline, all equipment, and traditional instruments.

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Sound Engineer Expertise

The CAC employs two fully trained and experienced sound engineers with extensive experience working with Tanzanian traditional, contemporary, and Western classical music. Please enquire for your specific needs.