Promising Artist Trainings

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CAC also provides musical training for local artists in the Arusha area. Structured around one month/two week intensive camps, 30 young people are trained in warming up, basic musical theory and music business, as well as an introduction to traditional Tanzanian music and the opportunity to develop musical skills they already have. This project aims to tackle the mass unemployment of young people in Tanzania, and developing the music and arts industries. Four promising trainees are selected as interns to the professional CAC troupe for further training. 

To date the CAC has provided four trainings, working with a total of 110 young people. 


Our next training will be from the 11th-22nd November, aimed at young people aged 16-22 years.

Topics covered will include dancing and drumming Tanzanian ngoma, acting, reading music, basic music theory, music business, and the basics of English. Participants will be encouraged to develop skills that they already possess, and priority will be given to students who are aiming towards a career in music/dance.

If you are interested in participating, please contact, or come to visit us at our offices. Registration forms can be collected from the CAC office from September onwards, and should be returned before the 28th October.

The upcoming training will be funded by the Carol Stubbs Memorial Fund. To make a contribution and support this work, please find more information here.

Apart from above mentioned trainings we will be having a sound system workshop from 5th-9th August and a school dance competition on the 10th of August for primary school students from the Meru District. For more details contact