Classes and Workshops

CAC offers a range of activities for visitors to learn from the expertise of our resident artists.

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Saturday Dance Classes

This class is structured in eight week blocks to learn a selection of traditional dances from around Tanzania. Accompanied by live drumming, get your weekly exercise while having fun as a group. 

Saturday 3-4pm, 15,000TZS per class/100,000TZS whole term (8 weeks)

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African Dance Workshop

Visitors will learn a traditional dance from Tanzania, led by 2-4 professional dancer/musicians. This is best with groups of 4-10, but can be done even with 1 person if they are willing to move and shake in African style. If participants are staying for the CAC show the same day they may be invited on the stage (if they wish) to join the rest of the CAC dancers and show their stuff.

$10 per person. 

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African Drumming Workshop

Visitors will learn various drumming patterns for 1-2 types of dances from Tanzania, let by 1-2 professional drummers from CAC. This can be done with 1-4 persons most easily, but larger groups can be accommodated if desired with additional drummers from CAC. Participants only need a desire to learn. Everything will be taught by example and rote (no music reading required).

$10 per person.

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Cooking Traditional Meal

Experience traditional ways of gathering water and cooking using 3 rocks in an outdoor “kitchen”. Participants will prepare and eat delicious chapati (flat bread), plus traditional ugali (stiff corn porridge), ndizi (cooking bananas), mboga za majani (pumpkin leaves) and mchuzi (sauce).

$15 per person.

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Making Tanzanian Coastal Drum

Guests will make a Tanzanian coastal drum which they can take away in their suitcase. With guidance they will cut the cow skin to size, make ropes and sew the drum together, pulling the skin tight to give it a good sound. Maximum of 4 people for each drum.

$50 per drum. NOTE: this activity needs booking at least one day in advance to prepare the skin

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Tour traditional bomas and shamba

Guests will visit traditional Maasai, Arusha, and Meru homes on-site built by persons from those groups. Each group also has a small garden with traditional herbs and medicines that will be explained. If time allows guests can also be escorted through 100 acres of the former Karamu estate that surrounds the CAC, coffee and many other crops are grown. There are also wonderful unobstructed views of Mt. Meru and many types of birds and monkeys near the stream running through the CAC property, including rare sightings of the shy colobus monkeys.

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Visiting CAC exhibits, archives, and gift shop

Visitors interested to know more about traditional dances or music in Northern Tanzania may visit the CAC cultural exhibits with hands-on traditional instruments and the archives to browse the video clips featuring dances and music of the Maasai, Meru, and Chagga. There is also a small gift shop selling instruments and locally made jewelry, instruments, films, books and clothing.

Guided Exhibit Tour: $15 per group